The Stones and their meaning


Hematite: Concentration. These stones are said to strengthen the connection to the earth and increase courage. It is also said that they could stimulate attention and concentration.

Agate: Security. The agate is used as a protective stone, as it is speculated that it could increase intelligence, courage and concentration.

Amethyst: Connection with the earth. Amethyst stones are said to connect the wearer to the earth and increase their creativity and passion. It is believed that they can strengthen intuition and help put thoughts into action.

Tiger's Eye: Bravery. Even the name of this stone impresses. Tiger's eye stones are thought to strengthen confidence, bring good luck, and increase courage in the face of difficulties.

Lava: Fortress. Like the intense liquid from which they are made, lava stones are symbols of strength and determination. It is possible to add a few drops of essential oils to your lava beads, since they are porous and can release the essence throughout the day, so you can also benefit from aromatherapy.

Jasper: Stability. Jasper stones are believed to bring peace of mind and absorb negative vibrations. These semi-precious stones are also thought to promote honesty and organization. Not a bad combination for a bracelet.

Onyx: Strength. Onyx is one of the best known gems and is used for strength. It is thought to be a stone that provides self-assurance and increases courage, self-control, and wisdom.

Unakita: Self love. Unakite is believed to help with self-acceptance and healing, as well as clearing away negative energy.

Lapis lazuli: Anti-stress. Lapis lazuli gemstones are worn to relieve stress and encourage compassion, sincerity, and security.

Obsidian: is considered a powerful stone of personal growth and transformation. As a black stone it is used for protection, cleansing and purification. It is related to the 1st chakra, with mother earth, and represents the integration of light in the earthly world, in a conscious and dynamic way.

Zoisite: is an interesting stone in lithotherapy for self-realization, it allows us to get rid of the negative influences of our environment. In this way, you contribute to the discovery and achievement of your life goals. It can also be used for balance purposes: it allows a rapid recovery of psychic harmony in case of stress, transforms negative energy into positive energy.

Howlite: It stands out for its relaxing capacity, brings patience and appeases anger, preparing the mind for understanding and wisdom. It stimulates the desire for knowledge and strengthens memory, which is why it is highly recommended for students, with a special capacity for relaxation, excellent for meditation and states of insomnia due to worries.


Larvikite: Larvikite stone presents particular virtues protecting against negative energies. It is a rooting stone associated with the earth and is known for its virtues of meditation and patience. The larvikita is frequently used as a necklace or bracelet to ward off the evil of loneliness and avoid mental exhaustion.

helps solve skin problems. This will promote the purification of the tissues, harmonizing at the same time the metabolism of the being that wears it. it generally promotes creativity and also stimulates when there are difficulties in learning or understanding in that particular environment.